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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Check out CDC's Dating Matters training to learn how to stop teen dating violence—before it happens.

Youth Violence Prevention

This literature review summarizes the state of the field on in-service professional development methods for early childhood caregivers. 

Early Care and Education | Early Childhood

This SAMHSA factsheet provides information and resources related to the specific bullying prevention needs for AI/AN communities.

Vulnerable Populations | Youth Violence Prevention

This brief addresses privacy and security considerations related to web-based tools that early childhood practitioners may access as a part of their work with children and families. 

Early Care and Education | Early Childhood

Grantees share significant successes achieved through Project LAUNCH in their community and tribe.

Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Sustainability

Young Child Wellness Experts describe how Project LAUNCH enhanced home visiting services in their community and tribal community.

Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Home Visiting

Grantees share what they have gained and will carry on as a result of Project LAUNCH.

Capacity Building/Workforce Development

Project LAUNCH grantees discuss critical moments in the implementation of the grant in their community, state, tribe or territory.

Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Developmentally Appropriate | Sustainability

Improving School Discipline, Climate, and Safety Data Collection and Use Brief offers information on how states, school districts, and schools have implemented and revised policies and practices to improve school discipline systems and create safer, more nurturing learning environments for studen...

Juvenile Justice/System Involved Youth | School Violence | System Change | Youth Violence Prevention

Women have a one in five chance of experiencing depression at some point during their lifetime. Stressful situations, such as being a mother to young children, increase a woman’s likelihood of experiencing depression.

Maternal Depression