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Tips, Tools and Toolkits

Leading by Convening: A Blueprint for Authentic Engagement

Provides lessons learned from partners and related to their own experiences as participants, collaborators and leaders. Emphasizes relationships as a strategic investment and considers the ‘strategy of partnership’ that builds connections and fosters authentic engagement through leading by convening.

A Day in the Life of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Describes the general process of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation using candid, unfiltered stories to illustrate what consultants do within early care and education settings in collaboration with families, teachers, children and other partners every day. 

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Reports and Briefs

A Framework for State Leadership and Action in Building the Components of an Early Childhood System

Offers an overview of critical early childhood system components according to their evidence base, status of development, exemplary state actions in building the component, and exemplary state actions in linking each component with other components.

A Guide to Federal Education Programs That Can Fund K-12 Universal Prevention and Social and Emotional Learning Activities

Highlights 15 federal elementary and secondary education programs that support universal prevention, and social and emotional learning initiatives. The guide also provides examples of schools, districts, and state education agencies that have successfully supported their prevention programs with federal education dollars.

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A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: Developing a Comprehensive Financing Plan

Aids states, communities, tribes, territories, and organizations in efforts to assess their current financing structures/strategies; identify outcomes to achieve; consider a variety of financing strategies; and to prepare to develop a strategic financing plan.

Above the Influence: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Hotlines

Provides links to multiple hotlines, websites, and other resources for youth who are struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse.

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Addressing the Unmet Educational Needs of Children and Youth in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems

Examines similarities in the poor academic experiences of children and youth in child welfare and juvenile justice, identifies common risk factors, reviews promising legal and policy reforms and evidence-informed practices, and focuses on ways to improve cross-system collaboration to improve educational outcomes for these children and youth.

Developing a Business Plan for Sustaining School Mental Health Services: Three Success Stories

Highlights three successful models (Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Minnesota) for sustaining school mental health services. Includes financial policies and processes that support their work, strategies for billing Medicaid and other third-party payers, and supplementing these patient-care revenues with public and private grant dollars and in-kind contributions.

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Presentations and Webinars

Creating Self-Sustaining, Replicable School Mental Health Programs: A User's Guide

Identifies the key factors for maximizing school mental health sustainability and replicability, including community collaboration, maximizing funding streams, role clarification, identifying necessary ancillary services, expanding insurance benefit sets among other factors. 

Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into State and District Policies

Provides information on how states and districts are integrating SEL into their state and district initiatives, and practical examples of what districts and states are currently doing, as well as access to tools that districts have used to help integrate SEL.

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Learning Modules

Introduction to Strategic Communication Planning

This interactive, self-paced learning module presents a strategic approach to communication planning, including how to assess your current situation and develop communication goals and objectives.

Introduction to the Best Practice Tutorial Series

Offers a series of tutorials designed to enhance skills and knowledge about how to implement effective mental health consultation in community-based programs.

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