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Tips, Tools and Toolkits

Leading by Convening: A Blueprint for Authentic Engagement

Provides lessons learned from partners and related to their own experiences as participants, collaborators and leaders. Emphasizes relationships as a strategic investment and considers the ‘strategy of partnership’ that builds connections and fosters authentic engagement through leading by convening.

Building Capacity for Community Schools

Aids to encourage and support building systems of community schools by distilling key lessons and recommending actions based on successful practice. Houses a plethora of reports and guides, as well as tool kits which can be used to plan, implement, and sustain community schools strategies. 

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Reports and Briefs

A Family Guide: Integrating Mental Health and Pediatric Primary Care

Provides families with practical information about integration to help them get involved in the integrated care movement and improve the quality of care their child receives in the pediatric primary care setting.

A Look at Strengthening Families in the States

Reports on the overall implementation of Strengthening Families and offers an analysis of successes, challenges and focus for next steps. The report highlights that sustaining and enhancing the work nationally will depend on continued evolution of the network among states, an effective platform for sharing tools and resources, attention to ensure that evolving practice continues to be grounded in research, and methods for sharing the evolving knowledge base about the approach.

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A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: Developing a Comprehensive Financing Plan

Aids states, communities, tribes, territories, and organizations in efforts to assess their current financing structures/strategies; identify outcomes to achieve; consider a variety of financing strategies; and to prepare to develop a strategic financing plan.

Academic Centers for Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention (ACEs)

Involves a collaborative effort from researchers and organizations to assist high-risk communities in implementing and evaluating a multifaceted, science-based approach for reducing youth violence.

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Developing a Business Plan for Sustaining School Mental Health Services: Three Success Stories

Highlights three successful models (Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Minnesota) for sustaining school mental health services. Includes financial policies and processes that support their work, strategies for billing Medicaid and other third-party payers, and supplementing these patient-care revenues with public and private grant dollars and in-kind contributions.

Estimating the Prevalence of Early Childhood Serious Emotional/Behavioral Disorder: Challenges and Recommendations

Discusses the challenges to estimating the prevalence of serious emotional/behavioral disorder in early childhood, gives a brief review of literature that provides estimates, and provides recommendations to improving the process of estimation. 

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Learning Modules

Infant/Toddler Development, Screening, and Assessment

Contains one of three infant/toddler modules created to support consultants working in child care settings, especially those who have not had education or training specific to infants and toddlers in group care. These modules were designed to complement training offered to early childhood consultants through the National Training Institute at the Department of Maternal and Child Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

National Center for Safe and Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) Training Toolkits

Provides three toolkits trainers can use to foster safe and supportive learning environments: (1) Creating Safe and Respectful Environments in Our Nation’s Classrooms assists teachers in preventing and intervening in bullying behavior in the classroom; (2) Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on Our Nation’s School Buses assists school bus drivers in preventing and intervening in bullying behavior on school buses; (3) Get Smart, Get Help, Get Safe assists specialized instructional support staff in preventing and addressing teen dating violence.

Presentations and Webinars

Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into State and District Policies

Provides information on how states and districts are integrating SEL into their state and district initiatives, and practical examples of what districts and states are currently doing, as well as access to tools that districts have used to help integrate SEL.

National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health Training Institutes

Provides a multitude of resources regarding training in improving services and supports for children, adolescents, and young adults with or at risk for mental health challenges and their families

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